Climate CoLab at MIT and Resilient Cities

The Climate Colab is a project of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. It is organized around an online forum in which people can post, comment, and vote on proposals (most are brief concept sketches) in response to various “contests” that address selected aspects of climate change. Winners get a cash prize and the opportunity to present their ideas in various forums.

Of interest here is the taxonomy developed by the project for the “What, Where, Who” of how to address climate change: see here for a collapsible/expandable hierarchical list. Also, various contests underway, some in collaboration with ICLEI’s Climate Resilient Cities program (the first three of the currently active contests listed below), generally relate to urban development within a climate adaptation and mitigation frame.

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1 Response to Climate CoLab at MIT and Resilient Cities

  1. Laur Fisher says:

    Thanks for the post! We’re in the process of selecting finalists and we welcome the community to vote for their favorite proposals starting in mid-July! We also offer the opportunity for you to collaborate with proposal authors to help them improve their ideas. Hope you’ll be involved!

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